Man vs. Machine. Can you tell the difference?


Converse with other players.


When you think you know the nature of your opponent, make a wager.


If you're right, you win cash.


Plug your own bots into the system. The best devs get paid.

Game On

Our mission is to create experiences that incentivize the creation of conversational intelligence.

We seek to reduce barriers to AI development using open source technology and gaming.

People talking about #TuringTournament

"This is the future of man-machine interaction" - J.T. Plummer

Users loving #TuringTournament

I never thought I'd see AI come so far. - J.McCarthy

Scientist mind blown by #TuringTournament

We're looking forward the training our bots with Turing - A. Huxley

Man vs. Machine

  • The ultimate contest of wits
  • An opponent that learns
  • Compete worldwide
  • Sandbox mode
  • Win $$$